If you want to know where I got absolutely anything I used in my preview pictures, please comment and ask me. I will see to it that you get it, even if I have to upload it for you. I know how it goes when you just have to have some certain perfect piece of CC!

Feel free to use anything I make in your Sims, previews, stories, etc. Just don't sell any of it. Also, if you use it on a Sim you upload somewhere, a link back to my page would be nice :).

Hair Color Query

Like most simmers, I absolutely love Pooklet's colors and textures. However, I've been hurting for dirty blondes. For the past few days I've been looking at Pooklet's yellow-blonde Incendiary and her light brown Safety Fuse, and wondering what they would look like if they were mixed. So today I decided to try it in Photoshop. While I was at it, I realized I wanted some lighter, less-intense reds as well.

I've made four colors: a dark blonde, a dirty blonde, a strawberry blonde, and a ginger. It turned out when I looked in-game that the ginger looks way too blonde, though, so it's still a work in progress. Yes, I know these are subtle colors so the differences are not very big. I wanted them this way.

Why am I showing you this? Because I want to use my new colors on lots of different hairs and have them show up in the right bins, that's why! I have no clue how to make color actions, and as far as I know, people on Macs don't have the privilege of binning their own hairs.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I should go about making color actions so I can have these colors, and binning the hairs in the right places? Any help at all is appreciated.

Preview pic:

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Lounging in Style: Amaryll's Athletic Pants as Separates for Both Genders, Plus Recolors

I first got the idea to do this when I saw that the lovely trappingit had made male versions of this athletic wear by witheredlilies . Both versions are wonderful, but I wanted my sims to be able to wear them with any top. My pants use meshes by Amaryll which are both included. They come in low-rise and untucked versions.

The first set comes with Amaryll's 6 original colors, plus 4 recolors I made. All files are clearly labeled with the color names above the pictures. All colors are available to both genders.


(black, blue, green, yellow, red, brown)

(aqua, navy, olive, charcoal)

I have always had a strange fondness for exercise pants, especially black ones, so as a bonus I made 6 additional pairs of black pants with different colored Converses. The black pants in the first set come with red shoes.

SHOE SWATCHES (charcoal, aqua, green, purple, blue, pink, yellow)

Amaryll for both meshes and the original textures
Trapping for inspiration :)


His Favorite Shirt: Amaryll's Mod Plaid Shirts for AF, Plus 8 Recolors for Both Genders

When I first saw Amaryll's mod plaid shirts, I about died from excitement. My sims love plaid as much as I do, and I was overjoyed to find such wonderful additions to their wardrobe. Since Amaryll made her shirts for adult male only, a few days ago I had the idea to convert them for females. After I finished, I decided I wanted to make some more colors for both genders. I used Amaryll's original plaid design as a base for my recolors because it's perfect :).

Female shirts come in Amaryll's 7 original colors, as well as 7 of my own. They use Aquilegia's workshirt mesh, which is included.
Male shirts only come in my colors and use Amaryll's mesh.


MY COLORS - BOTH GENDERS (All 7 colors are available to both genders)

Amaryll for original plaids and AM mesh
Aquilegia for AF mesh

All files are clearly labeled so you can only put in the ones you want.


Frozen Ocean - 6 Layered Outfits for AF

**EDIT: Now enabled for everyday and athletic wear; green shirt with orange dress slightly fixed. Please redownload!

Even though Ghanima's edits of Sentate's beach dress have been up for awhile now, I just discovered them a few days ago. They're great, but I wanted my sims to be able to wear them year-round. Plus, I'm a huge fan of the layered look :). So I paired 6 of the sundresses with various shirts and Club Crimsyn jeans to achieve an artsy-ish casual look.

Thanks to Needlecream's suggestion, it is both athletic and everyday :).

Here's a preview of all 6 colors:

Mesh by Ghanima included
Dress edits by Ghanima
Original dresses by Sentate@MTS2
Jean textures by Club Crimsyn
Shirts by Trapping@LJ (red), Xandher@TSR (green), Club Crimsyn (black), slkn (purple), sorry don't know who made the blue or grey shirts.


LOVE is the MOVEMENT! ~ 6 TWLOHA shirts for AM and AF

To Write Love On Her Arms is an organization for the awareness and prevention of self-harm and mental illness. Visit TWLOHA's site here.

I have uploaded these shirts before, both on GoS and Insim, but I am uploading them again here for 2 reasons:
1. They belong here with everything else of mine, and
2. I accidentally forgot what mesh I used when I posted on those two sites, and I told people the wrong thing! I am pretty sure the black AF shirt really does use HP's mesh, but the two white ones actually use a different one by Club Crimsyn. I have included the Club Crimsyn mesh in the download.

As you can see below, the shirts say "To Write Love on Her Arms" in the back corner. All shirts say this, even though only black is pictured.


Base textures: Club Crimsyn
Meshes for AF shirts: Club Crimsyn and Hysterical Paroxysm are the swatches and download link! Enjoy!